Speed Time Contracting Company for Mechanical ,Excavation ,Demolition and Gas Extension

Core Values :

STCC trust and respect for a long term sustainable relationship even
at the cost of immediate gains shall never be compromised, with
a view of keeping the interest of following entities at topmost priority,

Civil Division

Manual and Mechanical ExcavationSubstructuresSuper structuresAll kind of Foundations
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Mechanical division

Refineries & Petrochemical PlantsPower and desalination plantsPipe Line and associated worksSteel StructureOil Gathering CentersMaintenance works for Refineries, Petrochemical,Oil Field Facilities and Power Plants
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Services Departments

Supply of Manpower for Oil Field & Industrial SectorsFabrication AreaIndustrial Material SupplyMaintenance Works.
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About STCC

Our Vision & Mission

Vision :

Our vision is to be one of the world’s premier international companies in Oil & Gas pipeline construction. STCC is committed to the highest level of client satisfaction based on a complete range of equipment and services for the Oil & Gas industry. We expect, as well as promote, a safe and professional working environment that adheres to the highest standards and integrity.

Mission :

STCC is committed to key promises of quality, delivery, and client value for Oil & Gas construction. We strive to provide the finest workmanship and services to our clients in an efficient, timely, and professional manner according to the standards of quality ultimately by our client’s satisfaction.


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